The working reality with Tim Cook

Since the last two years, we made a lot of friends working at Apple Infinite Loop or at the new Apple Park campus. At MacProfile, we care about the truth and about good working conditions so we investigated about the life at Apple. Most Apple employees cannot talk about their projects if it's not public yet but they can talk about their working conditions. One thing surprised us a lot. In a huge majority, they do not like the working environnement. More than 95% of our friends are sad about it. They think that since Tim Cook got the leadership, things got more worst every year. It's a very interesting statement so we asked more about what is wrong on their opinion. The number one complain is about the pressure. Managers love to give more projects that you can usually handle and have a weird pleasure to add as much pressure as possible. It's very rare in the Silicon Valley as the quality of life and work is usually pretty good. At least for modern companies. But for App…
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